TEQ supports Clients in:- Agriculture Aerospace Construction Charities & Voluntary Organisations Defence Education Emergency Services Energy Events & Exhibitions Highways Infrastructure Manufacturing Mining Oil Property Security Space Technology Telecommunications Transport Utilities
Clients have hired TEQ in: UK Ireland Albania Belgium France Germany Ghana Greece Hong Kong Italy Indonesia Kosovo Middle East Mali Mauritania Mongolia Nigeria Portugal Serbia Senegal Spain


Scale of Services A Client’s needs vary depending on the challenges that they face and TEQ is responsive & flexible in helping Clients to meet their objectives as economically as possible. Therefore OUR services are available on a Daily, Interim, Retained or Non- executive basis. Whatever suits YOU - the Client -  best. Business Development TEQ helps clients identify & capitalise on growth opportunities including new customers & markets, international development and company acquisitions. We recently assisted a client in identifying and making a £15M acquisition. Our Clients are currently looking for opportunities in Telecomms, Technology, Housing, Infrastructure & the Commodities market (Oil & Mining) - both in the UK & internationally. Change & Transformation Clients facing rapid change often lack the internal experience to identify the need for change or how to smoothly and successfully implement it. Using TEQ’s systematic approach to change helps clients overcome this challenge while knowledge transfer provides clients with the added value ability to constantly & rapidly manage change in the future. Business Process Improvement Clients come to TEQ to get an independent focus on internal operations to help optimize underlying processes and to achieve more effective results. BPI has enabled TEQ clients to reduce cost and cycle times by up to 70% & improve quality by 50%+. Business/Strategy Planning Clients hire TEQ to strengthen their internal & external focus in identifying their uniqueness and their strategic direction. Working together, using tried and proven methods, Clients & TEQ rapidly create successful implementable plans which maximise the use of company resources & opportunities. As a result clients businesses have grown up to 30%. Turnaround Clients occasionally have an extreme challenge. They may need support to recover a business or a project that is having serious problems.  TEQ’s team have successfully worked with stakeholders to turn around companies (£50M+) and major projects (£100M+) in a simple straight forward and professional manner. Programme/Project Management The original offering when TEQ was established in 1994, the team have developed a particular expertise in this area ranging from small construction refurbishments to national and international critical infrastructure projects valued at £100M+. Using the highest professional standards programme and project managers ensure that projects all expectations on time, cost and quality are exceeded. Where projects drift, TEQ can be relied upon to recover the situation quickly and simply. Safety, Health & Environmental (SHE) Clients facing challenges look to TEQ on both a retained and a “1-off” basis for assistance across the entire scope of SHE activity. Our focus is always to help you become self-sufficient and competent in understanding what you need to do & when and how to manage your compliance whilst being there when needed. New clients receive a FREE 1 day compliance audit. Quality Systems, Audits & Business Continuity Clients looking to gain 3rd party approvals and certification to ISO and BS based standards turn to TEQ for assistance in developing and implementing pragmatic, “lean documentation” of Integrated Management Sytems and Certification. Over 60 companies have benefited from this service since 2007 resulting in quality improvements, reduction of failures, increased margins and winning work up to £200M in value. Mentoring High-potential individuals looking to move up the career ladder or executives who need a “sounding-board” outside their business have been shown to reap real benefits from mentoring. TEQ offers the experience, knowledge and wisdom which are essential to the mentees development as a whole person & to fulfilling their ambitions at executive level, on boards or running their own businesses. Coaching - 1 to 1 or 1 to Many service Organisations accept that coaching is “strategically crucial” (CIPD) to business success and look to it for a short term focus on specific issues involving individuals and teams. TEQ provides executive, corporate and leadership coaching to develop people & drive profits. Resourcing Clients may have a need for temporary support in acquiring specialist resources - people or materials - to grow their businesses. Through its network of contacts and strategic partners TEQ can assist clients in meeting the requirements of the most challenging situations. Interim Management & Non-Executive Directors  Clients facing a specific or unexpected challenge without the necessary knowledge internally or when a permanent role is not justified can use Interims to focus 100% on the task and support the Client & his team. As a proven, highly qualified, immediately available, short term senior executive, an Interim is the cost effective solution. The TEQ team will provide this knowledge and support directly or they will work with strategic Interim Service Provider (ISP) Partners to fulfill a client’s needs. Non Executive Directors NEDs are recognised as a valuable supplement to the existing knowledge and experience of any full-time executive board looking to improve both company and board performance. Backgrounds in Start-Ups, SMEs & PLCs coupled with the exacting professional standards of the IoD (Institute of Directors) including Chartered Director status, the team brings valuable knowledge, experience and wisdom to any business and board that wants to “move up and on”. Current support includes technology startups and International Business. CONTACT US NOW TO DISCUSS HOW WE CAN HELP YOU Elouise Cappa - Founder & MD - Direct +44 (0)1270 820015 Elouise-Cappa@teqsolutions.com
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